Fabulous Way to Clean Wainscoting at Your Room

Jun 8th

Decorative wall with wainscoting wood paneling is important to protect and cover the bottom part of the wall. It will look beauty and aesthetic when paired with the colorful paint on the wood. When it have last for a long time may it gets problem with the dust on it. So, it is very important to maintain it with cleaning it in right ways.

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You can follow the fabulous ways to clean the wainscoting with smart and gently. Just preparing some tools such as microfiber dust cloth, buckets, all purpose cleaner, sponges, cleaning cloths, ¼ cup mild dishwashing detergent and 1 tbsp vegetable oil. Follows the ways below:
1. Use microfiber cloth to clean the dust on the wainscoting, clean it from the top to the bottom with shaking the microfiber to clean the dust perfectly.
2. Use one gallon of water to mix the all purpose cleaner and fill another bucket with hot water. Put the sponge on the plain water then clean the wainscoting start from the bottom to the top.
3. Rinse the wainscoting surface with the sponge then let it dries then use clean cloth to clean and make it in trim.
4. Mixing one quart of warm water, ¼ cup mild dishwashing detergent and one vegetable oil about one spoon to moisture, make shine the wainscoting. Next, use dry cloth to clean them clearly and wainscoting shiny.

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Those are the fabulous ways to clean the wainscoting on your wall room to always be in great looks. Do it in gently. It will be a pleasure if you leave a comment and please share this post with your friends.